Time to Start Packing! 

We're getting close to closing! 


You're Two Weeks 

From Closing

We are coming down the home stretch! By this point the majority of the work is done, and all repairs (if applicable) should be close to being completed. Please make sure to send me copies of all repair invoices and let me know if you want any to be sent to the attorney to be paid out of your proceeds at closing. Now we are waiting on the attorney and the lender to finish up and soon we will have a Settlement Statement for you to review. In the mean time watch the videos that we have compiled in regards to the buyers walk thru, utilities disconnection and what to bring to closing. If you have any specific questions we are here to help.

Buyers Walk Through 

Buyers have the right to do one. 5 Things You need to know.. 


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Cut The Utilities, but not yet.

When is the right time to turn them off?

Also, if you haven't we need you to give us your utility info.

Richland County Lexington County



The buyers may want to bring their inspectors back to check on the repairs they requested, if there were repairs to be made.  


Show You the Money.

The lender and attorney are working hard on compelling an accurate settlement statement.  

When to Expect the Settlement Statement How To Read a Settlement Statement

The attorney will go over your settlement statement in depth.

What To Bring To Closing

Make sure you know what to bring to closing. 


Got Questions? We're Here for you.

Moving out of a home is tough and there is a lot of moving parts. If you need anything, please reach out to us, we are more than happy to help. 803.760.9106

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