7 Steps 

To Selling 

Your Home


Selling Process

Selling your home is a huge deal. You've made the commitment to move yourself and loved ones out of the home that has brought you comfort and security. Not to mention it is one of your biggest investments. Don't trust selling your home to just anyone. So to give you a little insight on what you expect during the selling process we have outlined the entire process in 7 short videos. However, if you are looking for the cliff notes version, click on the button below and we will come out to explain it in person. 

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Step 1:


Ok, so you've decided you want to sell or maybe sell. Well choosing the agent is a huge step. Check out our video on what to expect and how it's going to work.

Step 2:              Valuation

 We know, you're dying to know what your home is worth. In this step we will evaluate your home, its condition, your neighborhood and your market to provide you a range for what we think it will sell for. Want more details? Watch the video.

Step 3:

Getting Your Home Ready

Agent  ✔︎, Price ✔︎, Now lets get your home ready for buyers. In this step we talk about what to do, who can help, and how it works.

Step 4: 

Keeping Your Home Ready 

Decluttering your home one time is fine, keeping it ready day in and day out is another thing. Watch this video to find out why it's important a few hacks to make it easier.  

 Step 5:


Getting an offer is an exciting time, watch this video to find out how not to mess it up. 

Step 6: Under Contract & Inspections

When you buy a car do you test drive it? Of course, you want to make sure it runs correctly. It's the same thing with home inspections, they let you know what you are buying. Watch this video to learn what the next steps are. 

Step 7:


Closing is an emotional time. Whether you're selling for a good reason or bad, emotions are running high. Watch this video to ensure the final step goes with out a hitch.


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