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Custom Build in a 

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How Does It Work?

Most of the time builders are the developers too. So they buy a tract of land, put in the roads, utilities, sidewalks, and pools, and they are the only ones who will be building houses in their subdivision. Well, when this happens builders usually already have plans designed that fit the architectural guidelines, and can be built in a price point that should be acceptable to the market. What if you like a house plan but wanted to customize it to your liking? What happens then? Glad you asked, we are happy to explain.

Most of the time, the builder will allow you "upgrade options" if you are just wanting to do different counter tops, floors etc. Those are pretty easy to change up. Often times though, they will most likely give you a few choices to choose from.

However, if you are looking to move walls, make rooms larger or smaller, shift the kitchen, then you need to check to see if the builder is even open to that. We find that the bigger the builder, the less flexible they are. If they are open to it here is how it is most likely going to work...

  1. The builder is going to want you to sit down with their draftsman (person who designs their houses), and make all of the changes you are wanting. Usually the builders agent is in the meeting. Don't expect the builder to be there.
  2. After you have a plan designed, the agent will send to the builder to quote the changes.
  3. Once you receive the new pricing, you have a decision to make. Move forward to fold. Most of the time the builder hasn't charged you anything yet.
  4. If you decide to move forward, the builder will most likely charge you a non-refundable deposit because now he is spending money on you.
  5. Now the builder will want you to go pick out the finishes and fixtures, if they haven't made you do it already. Most likely they will either make you choose from their stock or they will send you to their vendors to choose from what they have. Very rarely will a builder give you "allowances". Meaning you have up to $20k to spend on cabinets, so go forth and conquer. The builder will actually be the one writing the check for up to $20k, but if you go over, it's on you to pay, if you go under, you get a credit. 


The money is pretty easy on these. If you customize a home in a builders neighborhood the following is most likely going to happen...

  1. The builder will require a sizable deposit, we have seen between 10-20%. This will get credited to you at closing, as long as that happens.
  2. The builder may require for you to pay for any upgrade you do. So if you choose granite that is $2,000 more than the granite he quoted, he's going to ask for a check.
  3. The builder will carry the construction cost and everything associated with building the home. You pay him at closing with either cash or a loan from a bank.

What We Can Do 

To Help.  

This is where we shine. We will be there to ensure all of the accounting is accurate, that you get help in choosing your selections, attend walk-thrus with you and the builder, advocate on your behalf and be an intermediary aka bad guy, if we need to. We are also a good sounding board to ensure that you aren't building something that will price you out of the neighborhood you are building in.

Start Building.

Ready to get your specific questions answered? Next steps is to get together to find out all the ways we can help you.

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