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Items You Didn't Know You Needed As A Homeowner

Brad Allen

The ART of Real Estate was founded with one question: What if buying and selling real estate could be a great experience? I've been asking myself that...

The ART of Real Estate was founded with one question: What if buying and selling real estate could be a great experience? I've been asking myself that...

Mar 16 3 minutes read

So you’re now a homeowner. Congratulations! You’ve made it through the big decision-making and paperwork. Now you get to experience the fun of decorating and stocking up on household necessities. Maybe for you, this part is not so fun. You’ve done a lot of work at this point, so we’re laying it all out for you: a list of practical items most homeowners may not think about right away. 

You probably have accumulated a lot of stuff even before buying your new home. So we’re not going to tell you to buy a frying pan or laundry hamper. A lot of these items may have you saying “whoa that’s cool.” Visit our Amazon Storefront OR see our list below of practical items for the home: 

1. Bed Bands - Designed to keep your mattress sheet intact.

2. Power Perch - AKA a small wall shelf that sits above an outlet. Perfect to free up space and hold small speakers, phones diffusers, and more. 

3. Ice Cube Trays For Water Bottles - It's exactly what it sounds like. You'll have perfectly shaped ice when you need it on the go. 

4. Roll Up Drying Rack - It can roll up and go in a drawer quickly when not in use. Great for keeping the kitchen sink area neat. 

5. Laptop Stand - Keep your desk organized and use your laptop at eye level to prevent any hunching over while at work. 

6. Shelf Liner - Prevent items from sliding in the kitchen drawers.

7. Felt Furniture Pads - Protect your wooden, laminate or tiled floors when moving furniture! 

8. Bamboo Burner Cover - This is a 2-in-1 product! Use it to cut your veggies, while covering a stove top burner to create more counter space. 

9. Oven Liners - Protect the bottom of your oven from sneaky messes dripping down from your casserole. 

10. Garbage Disposer Cleaner - This foaming cleaner helps deep clean your garbage disposal and get rid of that foul odor.

11. Electric High Pressure Washer - Tackle a variety of cleaning tasks: the driveway, exterior, cars, patios, etc.

12. Double Ended Extension Cord - Allows you to plug in up to 6 items into one outlet

13. Critter Catcher - Catch and release pests from your home.  

14. Grout Pen White Tile Paint Marker - Skip scrubbing tiles and use this pen to paint and recolor your grout for a bright look

15. Fire Extinguisher - This one goes without saying! 

Now, take a breather. Owning a house takes work. 

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