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Considering Selling Your Home First: Steps


First Steps in Thinking About Selling Your Home

Brad Allen

After becoming a Realtor®, I quickly teamed up with my now partner, Mary Lane Sloan, to form The ART of Real Estate with the idea that one agent cann...

After becoming a Realtor®, I quickly teamed up with my now partner, Mary Lane Sloan, to form The ART of Real Estate with the idea that one agent cann...

Jan 9 5 minutes read

So you're thinking of selling your home, and aren't sure what do to get the ball rolling? No worries, we are here to help shed some light on it. Selling your piece of the American Dream can be an anxious time, and not knowing where to start can make it even worse. Below we have outlined some ideas that we think will help steer you in the right direction.

1. Get A Price Evaluation.

To sell something you need to know what it is worth. I know you know this, I just figured we start at the very beginning. Here are some ways to get a price.

  • Zillow - While this is an option, I am not sure I would put a lot of value in this one. This, and other automatic evaluation programs, are nothing more than just that, a program. Selling house takes time, local knowledge and a fine eye to really compare apples to apples. Go ahead and look it up if you want, just know a few years back while I was at a Zillow Conference they said their Zestimate ended up being with-in 15% of the sales price, 50% of the time. Let that sink in, that means they aren't that close.
  • Call a REALTOR - You knew this was coming. All self serving statements aside, REALTORS are local, knowledgable people who can use thousands of past home sales to help narrow down a price for you. Don't know of any to call? Scroll down to the bottom and click on the button to setup a time for us to come out. There is no fee, and no obligations, this is what we do.But remember not all agents are the same, so make sure you are calling someone with experience and knowledge. [Insert How to Interview Agents Blog Post]
  • Call an Appraiser - An appraiser is a professional whose job it is to assess the monetary value of something, and in this case it would be a Real Estate. They are licensed and supervised by the state after they take hundreds of hours of classes and 2,000 hours in apprenticeship. So long story short do what REALTOR's do but are able to assess market conditions, conditions with-in the neighborhood and make adjustments of pricing. 

2. Interview Companies.

Put yourself in your target buyer's shoes. Say there are 40 homes on the market which meet their specifications, in terms of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, price range and location. And 25 of those top the list. But they only have time to see 8 today. If the buyer's broker can't get into your house today, because you have so many restrictions around showing it, your home could very well miss out on a showing with this qualified, motivated buyer.

It might seem overly simple, but if you want multiple offers, it behooves you to make sure your home is available to be shown today. Every day that it is on the market. Inconvenient? Yes. Frustrating? Sometimes. A challenge to keep the place clean at all times? Assuredly. But consider your priorities and what is at stake. If getting top dollar for your home is at the top of your priority list, then you have to be ready and willing to deal with the inconvenience involved in churning up multiple offers and getting your home sold.

3. Is "For Sale By Owner" Right For You?

Really, really beautiful. The homes that get multiple offers are those with look, feel and function that can be described in one word: covetable. You're not trying to create a situation in which your home barely edges out the listing down the street in the hearts and minds of your target buyer. If you want multiple offers, you need multiple buyers to fall deeply in love with your home – enough to bid above the listing price, and enough to compete with others for it.

To generate multiple offers, prepare your home by ensuring it is: immaculately cleaned from the inside out – closets, basements, garages and crawl spaces included, de-cluttered and staged to the nines – this includes fresh paint, carpet and other things that need replacing in perfect working order – make sure things like doors, windows and systems buyers test (e.g., stoves, faucets, heating and air conditioning) are not creaky, wonky, leaky or otherwise dysfunctional.

If you've done any major home improvements or replaced any appliances or systems lately, market that! Show off how immaculate, adorable and move-in ready your home is now – and tout its great working condition for the long run.

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