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Best Bang For Your Buck Home Improvements

Brad Allen

The ART of Real Estate was founded with one question: What if buying and selling real estate could be a great experience? I've been asking myself that...

The ART of Real Estate was founded with one question: What if buying and selling real estate could be a great experience? I've been asking myself that...

Feb 14 4 minutes read

Whether or not you are planning to sell your property soon, or you just want to enjoy a few simple upgrades, there are several ways to boost your home improvements' ROI (return on investment). They COULD increase your home’s value, which begs the question: how can homeowners be sure their home improvements are worth the investment? Remember: not all home improvements are created equal. 

There are essentially two types of rooms that sell houses: kitchens and bathrooms. Starting with those two spaces, here are some home improvements that typically provide a good ROI: 

1. Kitchen remodels.

Updating the kitchen can have a significant impact on home value. Try minor upgrades that make a big difference. Start by replacing the existing appliances with better, newer ones. Next, instead of replacing the cabinets, try refinishing the existing ones. A fresh coat of paint or gloss could make old cabinets look new, and that, combined with new hardware, can completely transform a kitchen.

2. Bathroom additions and remodels.

Giving each bathroom an updated look could go a long way. Try replacing the shower head with a rain shower; it’s a feature most homebuyers will appreciate. Also, try replacing the vanity, as nobody wants to feel like they are using someone else’s old bathroom. At the same time, try updating the lighting to make things brighter with features like this dimmable vanity light to fix above the mirror. You can even go the extra mile to try and create a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere.

3. Outdoor improvements.

Curb appeal helps sell homes. The aesthetic appeal of both the front and backyard may actually be the first thing buyers see, so make a good first impression and update the landscaping. There’s no need to go overboard with new landscaping; The best designs are the simplest. Be sure the “lines” are trimmed and clean. A good landscaping job should look nice, but should not convey that a great deal of work will be required. Functional outdoor living spaces are also a sought-after feature. Check out our “Outdoor Living Space Must-Haves” Amazon Storefront list for inspiration.

4. Attic/basement conversion.

One of the single greatest ways to increase the value of a home is to increase the number of available rooms.Homes with the luxury of having a convertible attic should consider turning the space into an extra room. Similarly, those that have a basement may want to remodel it. Doing so could very easily increase the usable living space of a home. Instead of retaining a dark and dingy basement (which could actually hurt the prospects of a sale), try turning the basement into its own selling point.

5. Minor renovations and repairs.

Simple updates like painting, replacing fixtures, and fixing minor issues can make a big difference in the overall appearance of a home. Improve the home’s exterior by installing new windows. The clean lines of new windows can very easily make a home look better from both the inside and outside. Plus, they could make the home more energy efficient. You can also install a new entry door. Similar to landscaping, the front door is likely one of the first things buyers see. Include a fresh coat of paint and perhaps a garage door replacement. 

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The 10 Best ROI Home Improvements

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