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[Client Story] Mat + Metta

After a frustrating few weeks of multiple offer rounds and other scenarios with other houses, the perfect home finally came on the market. One of our buyer specialists took Mat and Metta to see it the day it was listed, and less than 24 hours later, they were under contract.

After closing on the house in April, Mat and Metta got to work transforming their first house into their new home and recently got engaged 💍!

Read more about our interview with Metta below, and take a look at all they have done since they closed on their home!

Brad: Tell me about your home buying process and some of the things that happened.

Metta: First of all, it was stressful! As first time buyers, we really had no idea what to expect when we started looking at houses. When we thought we were ready to put an offer in on one, we had our families come out to see the house and give us their opinion. Needless to say, that was not the house that we ended up making an offer on! When we finally found a house that we both instantly were excited about, we took a couple days to think it over and write up our offer with Becca. After a day or two of jittery nerves and excitement, we got the news that another offer had been put in on the house at the same time as ours. We sent back with what our best offer was, and unfortunately the homeowners decided not to accept our offer. At that point, Mat and I were very frustrated and felt like it was never going to work out. However, thanks to Becca's patience and persistence with us, we ended up with the perfect house. She called us up one Sunday afternoon and asked if we wanted to go see a house that had come on the market that morning. It was in a neighborhood where we had previously tried to look at a house that ended up being under contract the morning we went to look at it - but we had both said how much we really liked that neighborhood at that time! After walking into this house, it immediately felt like home. We were so excited about it that we put an offer in that same night! By the next morning, the owner and us had agreed upon the details and we were FINALLY under contract!

Brad: What are some of your favorite things about your neighborhood?

Metta: Overall, the neighborhood just feels like home. It has an "old school neighborhood" feel, and it's not like all of the other modern cookie cutter neighborhoods that keep springing up everywhere nowadays. Each house has it's own unique character. The location is also the BEST! It's a short 5-minute trip to get to the Vista, a 10-minute drive to Harbison, and a 15-minute drive to Lexington. It still has the downtown feel but without all the traffic. We also feel very safe in this area and enjoy taking our two dogs out on walks in the evenings around the neighborhood.

Brad: Tell me about some of the things you've done to make this house feel like home.

Metta: As cliche as it sounds, this house really just felt like home to both of us as soon as we walked through it. I had joked when we first started looking at houses saying that I would know when we had found 'the one' when I could see myself walking around barefoot in the house, and that was exactly how I felt when we walked into this house! It also had a huge fenced in yard and a big deck out back that we both loved and were excited about for our dog.

Brad: What was the defining feature that made you choose this house?

Metta: Since the day we moved in, we have constantly been doing things to this house that have made it really feel like our home. We updated/renovated our kitchen soon after moving in. We also got busy with some painting. We adopted our second fur baby, Billy, after just two and a half of weeks of living here! He has made the back yard his own. Almost every piece of art that's hanging up in our house or sitting in our house is something that I have created or painted myself. We have also enjoyed starting our own collections of holiday decorations. Both of our families come over to visit often and they have both been a tremendous help in all of our home improvement projects. When we look back at the pictures of the house from before we moved in, it's hard to even believe how much we have done in this place, but we both absolutely love it!

Brad: What advice would you give other people who are going through the home buying process?

Metta: Just be patient! Home buying is a learning process for everyone. It also can be one of the most frustrating processes. Sometimes it requires a little bit of compromise and an open mind to see the potential in a house. Don't let your ideal image of the perfect house that you may have in your head steer you away from one that you can make into your perfect house! And don't get too discouraged when something doesn't work out, there are new houses and new potential that come on the market every day. When you find the one for you, you will know it!

Check Out More [ After ] Photos of Mat + Metta's Home Below:

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