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6 Things You Didn't Know Buyer's Agents Do For You!

Brad Allen & Mary Lane Sloan

Together, Brad Allen and Mary Lane Sloan formed The ART of Real Estate with the idea that one agent cannot be productive in real estate and give the l...

Together, Brad Allen and Mary Lane Sloan formed The ART of Real Estate with the idea that one agent cannot be productive in real estate and give the l...

Sep 30 4 minutes read

Have you heard the term "buyer's agent" but never really knew what that entailed? Aren't all agents just the same, they're trying to sell you a house?

Not necessarily.

Buyer's agents are your perfect alternative to listing agents, the person selling the listing you just drove by or saw on Zillow or Their goal is to get you to buy that house and to look out for the best interest of the seller.

Buyer's agents work for your best interest, not to sell you a house, but to help you with finding the right one that fits YOUR needs. Best part is that unlike a listing agent, buyer's agents work for you... for free (say what?)

So then what do they do? 

Let's have a couple of our Exclusive Buyer's Agents answer that for you:

We Do The Leg Work

When we work with a buyer, we are there to make sure they have as great of an experience as possible, find them homes that meet their needs and handle all of the logistics. Think of us as your waiters for real estate.

We're In Your Corner

There aren't many times in life when you have someone fighting in your corner for you, and this is one of those times. When you hire a buyer's agent, they owe your fiduciary duties by law like: Obedience, Loyalty, Diligence, Confidentiality, Accounting and Reasonable Skill and Care. Those are some serious duties.

We're Part Time Therapists

Buying a house can be an emotional and anxious time, and we are great at listening to help get the outcome you want. Another part of our job is to hear what you want, what your spouse/significant other/friend/partner wants and try to show you homes with as many details that check the most boxes on both of your  "want list".

We Have The Knowledge...Local Knowledge

Part of buying a home is knowing what is going on in the local market. If you're from out of town you may not know all of the details of where new schools are being built, what neighborhoods are pulling the highest prices, and what part of town is going through a renaissance. We may not know it all, but luckily we are in business that allows us to know more than the average person.

We Are The  Builders of The Blueprint

I tell buyers all the time, we are the builders and the mortgage lenders are the architects. We are often not privy to your finances, nor do we want to be, but we have to make sure we are getting you the best deal for your needs. If you are like most people, cash in the bank can be sparse after putting up a down payment, so it might be imperative to get the seller to pay closing cost. Well we take that info and make sure that you get closing cost no matter what. Thus the importance of getting pre-approved. However, we will save that argument for another blog post.  

We Work For Free Until The End, And Even Then It Costs You Nothing

Do what? That's right, you read that correctly. All of the hours scouring listings in the MLS, driving from one end of the county to another, the late night phone calls, the early morning showings, the setting up of inspections, walk throughs and closing, we don't make a dime. But we know that, we just want to make sure you did too.

The seller picks up the tab making our assistance to you free. So you don't owe us anything, even if you end up not buying.

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