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LoRestaurants are the flavor of a city, pun intended. You can tell so much about a town by just looking at the amount, diversity and styles of restaurants there are. If the food scene is booming, then you know you're in a cool spot. Three years ago we embarked on an endeavor to showcase local eateries that we think exemplify the spirit of Columbia. Take a look below, find one you like, and click on their link to see a full recap about our visit. 

Motor Supply

With one of the best charcuterie boards in the city, Motor Supply is a

 team favorite. Located in the historic Vista you're going to love the

 ambiance, food and drink. Watch the full video and read the blog 

post here...

Full Motor Supply Spotlight

Publico Kitchen and Tap

Do you like Latin food? Do you like Asian food? Do you like 

Craft Beer and Creative Cocktails? Do yourself a favor and 

head on down to Publico. They have an awesome "Lat-Asian" 

Fusion that will not disappoint. Learn more by clicking 

on the link below.

More on Publico

 Spotted Salamander 

Deviled Eggs, thats right. Spotted Salamander is famous 

for their custom variations of Deviled Eggs, among all of 

their other incredible creations. Watch the full video and 

read the blog post here...

 The War Mouth 

The War Mouth is exceptionally interesting bistro in the heart of 

Cotton Town. The renovated garage serves and the perfect canvas

to showcase The War Mouth's fantasic menu, which includes, 

venison, veal and chicken bog. Check out more by clicking on the

button below. 

More on The War Mouth

Cafe Strudel

Known as one of the best brunch spots in the Columbia Metro area,

you'll need to go one Saturday to have a mimosa and some duck fat

fries to see what the hype is all about. Watch the full video and read 

the blog post here...

More about Cafe Strudel

     The Devine         

Cinnamon Roll Deli

 Would you eat a "Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll"?  That's right, 

a "Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll".  You owe it to your tastebuds. 

Watch the full video by clicking on the button below. 

More on The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli

 Cantina 76  

Cantina 76 is known for having some of the best margaritas

 in town, and always leading the way with new types of 

artisan tacos. Watch the full video and read the blog post here...

Cantina 76 Spotlight

 Bone-in Barbeque 

Bone-In started as a food truck, and in 2017 put down

roots in Spirit Communications Park, to allow them 

to expand their menu and bring their incedible food to 

the people of Columbia daily. Check out more by clicking

the button below.

More on Bone-in Barbeque

The Grand

Don't worry, you're seeing this right. A bowling ally is being featured 

for its food. The Grand is not only an great play to bowl and play 

games but they also deliver incredible food, drinks and craft beer. 

Watch the full video and read the blog post here...

More about The Grand

    Hunter Gather: 

        Curtis Wright Hanger  

 Hunter Gather has been a staple in Columbia food and beer 

culture for decades. In 2018 they expanded to a new location

in the Historic Curtis Wright Hanger, and it's awesome.

Click on the link below to see for yourself. 

More on HG Curtis Wright Hanger

 Craft and Draft  

Craft and Draft is our local Craft beer depot. While it doesn't serve 

food they have great beer on tap and for retail sale. So who really 

needs food?  Watch the full video and read the blog post here...

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