Buying your first home is the most exciting feeling there is! No more being cooped up in a tiny apartment, hearing tap lessons from the neighbors above at 4 am, or a relative asking you "what time will you be home tonight?".

A lot of first time home buyers are a little anxious about not knowing what to expect or simply not feeling prepared. We want buyers to be and feel as informed as possible when entering into this new journey. 

📝 Mary Lane and Brad have laid out 6 stages that are important to know ahead of time to ensure you handle home buying efficiently:

Select a Realtor or agency who is intentionally looking out for your best interest. Have your initial consultation with that agent to establish an agency relationship. They do all the leg work for you, all at no cost to you as a buyer. You'll meet to discuss your needs and wants, analyze your resources, and go over paperwork. 

Select a lender & obtain a pre-qualification letter.

The lender will help us gauge your buying power. We need to make sure that we are looking at homes you are comfortable with and able to purchase. This is an essential step to the buying process and a precursor for a successful transaction. We can recommend lenders our past client's have used successfully. 

We will show you homes based on the criteria we have established. The more precise and direct you are with us, the more successful your home search will be. 

Once you have found the home that you wish to purchase, we will do the necessary research to help you structure an effective offer.

We will draft the Purchase Agreement for you, advising you on protective contingencies, customary practices, and local regulations. At this time you will need to provide an "earnest money" deposit, usually from 1 to 3 % of the purchase price. 

We will present your offer to the seller and/or seller's agent. The seller has three options: they can accept your offer, counter your offer, or reject your offer.

We will review the seller's response with you. Our negotiating skills and knowledge will benefit you in reaching a final agreement.

When the Purchase Agreement is accepted and signed by all parties, we will ratify the contract for you. At this time, your earnest money will be deposited and your due diligence period will begin.

This is the time allowed per your Purchase Agreement to obtain financing, perform inspections, and satisfy any other contingencies to which your purchase is subject. Typical contingencies include:

Approval of the seller's Property Disclosure Statement

Loan approval, including an appraisal of the property

Physical inspections of the property

Pest inspection and certification

Approval of any other important documents (i.e. zoning, plats, HOA's, etc.)

🎉 When all conditions of the Purchase Agreement have been met, you will sign your loan documents and closing papers. You will deposit the balance of your down payment and closing costs with the attorney, and your lender will deposit the balance of the purchase price. The Deed will then be signed, monies disbursed, and you will take ownership of your home. Once the deed is recorded (60-90 days), you will receive a copy of your deed and title insurance policy in the mail.

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